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About Us

Wildflower Apparel and Co. is a locally owned online boutique based in Robbinsville, NC. We offer women and children’s everyday affordable trendy styles as well as free shipping on all orders. Our mission is to donate 10% of all profits to provide help to children in need- whether that is through an organization like Robbinsville High Schools’ The Knights’ Pantry and Celebration Club, Grace Place, A Community Table, or personal donations. 

Owner: The owner of Wildflower Apparel and Co. is Kaitlyn Carringer-Adams.

"The reason I started this boutique in June 2017, is because I wanted there to be a store where women and girls could buy good quality clothes at affordable prices; however, the main focus of creating this boutique is that through God, I am hoping to help the community by donating a percentage of sales to go towards helping children in western NC through organizations and donations. I am very passionate about clothing as well as helping others, especially children and love the thought of blending those two passions together for the greater good."

- Kaitlyn Carringer-Adams